Small Business Owners Being Targeting by Illigitimate Directories – Business Information

Targeting Novice Business Owners Very CommonNew business owners are being warned of a recent activity demanding they pay a fee to a fake organization in order to complete their business’s registration. According to an article posted on, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, or NFIB, says that business owners will receive a letter from the Register of Companies and Business as part of the fraud. This letter claims to be linked to Companies House and tells the business owner they need to “confirm their registration” by paying a fee.The payment of £190 is required to be paid by a specified date in order to register and publicize the new company’s information. The organization’s website states that the fee to be paid is for entry into the register which operates out of the United Kingdom, which then gives the business access to the website’s advertised services. The letter goes on to state that “lack of payment will result in lack of your company’s entry in,” which suggests that it is a requirement for the company’s registration.Other schemes like this have been popping up and Companies House has published a rundown of these activities. Business owners are encouraged to ignore the registry outlined above and any similar “opportunities” asking for money from the National Register of Companies. If you are contacted by phone by someone claiming to be from Companies House, try to get a name and return phone number from the person contacting you and then immediately call Companies House at their listed number to verify the inquiry.Additionally, a number of frauds have been revealed following recent pension reforms. Some of them have set up limited companies in individual’s names. Should you believe a business was established under your name, be sure to seek the advice and counsel of a lawyer before taking any initial action. Some schemes also include emails that claim to be in response to an online filing submission. Any emails of this nature should be forwarded to order to avoid being scammed by these individual, or any other fraudulent activity, it is important to be mindful of what you are receiving and being asked to do. Make sure to never respond to suspicious communications without doing further research, especially those that ask you to give private or business information or ask you to pay some sort of fee. Additionally, you should never give away your personal or business banking information unless you can verify that the business and request are legitimate.These dishonest individuals often target new businesses and business owners. This is generally because entrepreneurs who are new to business legislation often do not have the knowledge and experience to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate request and fraudulent activity. If you are mindful of the requests you receive, are wary of suspicious communications, and do not give away your business, bank or personal information willingly, you should be able to avoid these problems.