General Information About Business Cards – Business Information

Business cards are small pieces of paper that contain business information about an individual or company. They are often shared during formal interactions between people and are convenient memory aids. Typically they include a name, company affiliation and logo, and contact information. Most companies use a simple text on a solid stock, while many may choose to add a visual design to their cards. There are many avid collectors of these cards. These individuals search for antique, celebrity, or unusual cards.Generally these cards are printed on a form of card stock, though the method of printing, visuals, and cost will vary. Developments in digital and batch printing have made printing in full color a cost-effective option. A raised print effect can be added to a card in a process called thermography. Ones that are in full color may be printed on sheet-fed presses in the four-color printing technique. There is also the option of UV gloss coating. This may add to the overall design.Some are made from plastic, specifically translucent, crystal clear, metallic, or white plastic. Other materials that may be used for construction: rubber, magnets, metal, wooden nickels, playing chips, and real wood. Using different materials is a way to grab the attention of potential clients.There are printing shops that can mass-produce these products. They can even be printed at home, using a special card software or online program. Software usually allows individuals to customize the design, layout, and text of the card. The final product can be printed from a home printer, if card stock is available, or sent to a print shop.Another option for getting these products is using a web-to-print application. There are several printing firms with websites that allow customers to choose and customize a design template, adding in logos, imagery and other features select their quantity, view pricing options, and request delivery. The company will produce and ship the finished product. Usually these companies also offer customized labels, notepads, pens, bags, t-shirts, letterheads, and other accessories.These papers can act as advertising for the services provided by an individual or company. Some contain more than just contact information. A card may list the services available or a brief summary about the company or person. Because these products are used as a memory aid, it is best when they are straightforward and detailed. These may be handed out during formal interactions, or placed within a business for clients to take and pass on.A new form of business card is called the compact disc cards. These devices hold approximately 35 to 100 MB of data and may be square, oblong or round in shape, but approximately the size of a traditional card. The compact disc is designed to fit within a CD-ROM drive of a computer, and can hold a large amount of data, including presentations and portfolios.Business cards are a way to share contact information and services with potential clients or business partners. The small pieces of paper can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are sometimes made from unconventional materials. Typically these products include, at the very least, the name of the person, their company, and some form of contact information.